Tiga Menit Setup SQUID

1. Install Squid dengan perintah

[root@gede ~]# yum -y install squid

2. Melihat Configurasi Squid yang terinstall

[root@gede ~]# vi /etc/squid/squid.conf

3. Tampilan Configurasi Squid


# —————————-


# This is the default Squid configuration file. You may wish

# to look at the Squid home page (http://www.squid-cache.org/)

# for the FAQ and other documentation. Dst………………………..!!!!!

4. Tambahkan http_access” di bawah “http_access allow manager localhost” atau Search “ http access “

Exs : http_access allow gede(bisa di ganti dengan nama apa saja )

– #Default:

# http_access deny all


#Recommended minimum configuration:


# Only allow cachemgr access from localhost

http_access allow manager localhost

“http_access allow gede”

5. Tambahkan “ acl “ dibawah “acl to_localhost dst “

Atau Search “acl “

Exs : acl gede src ( isi IP Klien )

#Recommended minimum configuration:

acl all src

acl manager proto cache_object

acl localhost src

acl to_localhost dst

acl gede src

6.Tambahkan “ visible_hostname “ search “unique_hostname”

Exs : visible_hostname localhost

#acl macaddress arp 09:00:2b:23:45:67


# none

“visible_hostname localhost”

# TAG: unique_hostname

# If you want to have multiple machines with the same

# ‘visible_hostname’ you must give each machine a different

# ‘unique_hostname’ so forwarding loops can be detected.

7. IP Tables matikan dengan perintah :

~~ /etc/init.d/iptables stop

~~ chkconfig iptables off

8. Test Squid dengan perintah : tail -f /var/log/squid/access.log

=================== Beres dachhhh =======================


NOC Channel-11 Bali

( Gede/Codar )


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